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  • Hose real hydraulic Jib LTM1200 LTM1250
  • Jib LTM 1250-6.1



Are you looking for a certain part for your mobile crane? We may be able to help you find it. KTR Cranes offers a range of used parts, but can also supply new parts, such as hydraulic telescope cylinders, mast parts, top cylinders, cabs or cab parts, electronic components and so on. Thanks to our extensive experience in repairing mobile cranes, we can usually offer new parts at competitive prices. Contact us via service@ktrcranes.com, indicating the serial number, and where possible the part number of the desired part.


Are you looking for an option for your mobile crane such as a jib, second winch, tuncker, lifting block, telma brake, air conditioning system, etc? Contact us via service@ktrcranes.com or call us at 0031682448727. Below you will find a selection of our range of parts for mobile telescopic cranes.

info@ktrcranes.com+31 (0)83 589 554

Our used parts

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Liebherr Hose real hydraulic Jib LTM1200 LTM1250
Liebherr Hose real hydraulic Jib LTM1200 LTM1250
  • Manufacturer: Liebherr
  • Type: Hose real hydraulic Jib LTM1200 LTM1250
  • Manufacture date:
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Liebherr LTM1250-6.1 Jib
Liebherr Jib LTM 1250-6.1
  • Manufacturer: Liebherr
  • Type: Jib LTM 1250-6.1
  • Manufacture date:
  • Capacity: 250
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